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Denture Services

Full Dentures & Repairs in Sanford, Maine


At Sanford Denture Clinic, we go that extra mile to provide professional service and exceptional aftercare at a price you can afford. Visit our denture clinic today to let us help restore your smile.

Full Dentures
All full dentures are made to the highest specifications using quality materials, and are hand-constructed to make them as individual as you. Dentures are made by our own qualified staff to ensure the best possible results.

Immediate Full Dentures
If you have existing natural teeth that need extracting, an immediate denture may be the answer. We work closely with oral surgeons to provide dentures, which are inserted as soon as your teeth are extracted. This is often preferred, as you will never be without teeth and your gums heal faster.

After extraction, your gums shrink and your dentures become loose. During follow-up visits, tissue conditioners will be applied to your denture to make them more comfortable and fit better. These visits are free up to the point where relining is necessary (about 6 months).  


Sanford Denture Clinic provides these denture services:

  • Full Dentures

  • Denture Repairs

  • Immediate Full Dentures

  • Rebases

  • Relines

  • Comfort Lines

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